Company history

The MBL a.s. (Inc.) Company was founded in 2001 as MBL s.r.o. (Ltd.) having its registered office at Magnezitárska Street  11,  Košice. Its core business was construction operations, mainly in the field of building constructions.

In December 2001, a Czech organizational unit of MBL s.r.o. (Ltd.) was established, having its registered office at Mošnerova Street, Olomouc. This company had become an important cooperator of Stavby silnic a železnic, a.s. (a road and rail track construction company, now a member of Eurovia Group). Until 2007, it had been engaged in erection of reinforced concrete structures for highway and railway bridges, using the DOKA and PERI formwork systems.
As production volumes in the Slovak Republic had increased, the branch ceased to exist in 2007, and the employees were transferred to the parent company.

In 2005, the parent company reoriented its business operations to became a principal contractor of construction projects. The Company has been delivering construction works including demolition and excavation works, masonry, carpentry and insulation works, erection of reinforced concrete structures, installation of electricity, utility and central heating distribution lines, as well as inland transport using its own resources. For the rest of  operations involved in the implementation of its construction projects, the Company  has been cooperating with proven subcontractors.

The change of the legal form from a limited liability company to a joint stock company was effected in 2008. The average annual turnover during the years 2006-2008 was € 6,248,129.77 (SKK 188,231,157.00). The average number of employees is 43.
The Company possesses its own contractor plant and equipment such as trucks (Tatra 815, Mercedes Atego), concrete mixers on Tatra 815 chassis, Caterpillar universal construction machines, construction air compressors, lifts, Gehl loaders. Our employees receive proper instruction in health protection and safety in accordance with applicable legal regulations and regular training to en hance their professional skills.

As a mater of course, the Company maintains third-party professional liability insurance.
Contact information
MBL a.s.
Štefánikova 26
040 01 Košice
Slovenská republika

tel.: +421 55 622 10 01
fax: +421 55 622 80 10
mobil: +421 918 841 281

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